Making A Difference

GreenTech is truly making a difference in lawn care. People in the community are seeing the impact we are making and deem it important to talk about. We're the first company in Missouri to have part of our operations run on solar powered electric equipment. We strive to create healthy lawns and a happy earth!


Making a Greener Business

Thank you to Kate Alt from KY3 News for featuring our company and how we are creating a greener Springfield.
Our goal is to become a model for the Industry. It's our mission to help reduce CO2 emissons in our community. In doing so, we will help reduce our carbon footprint and increase the quality of the air we breathe.


FIRST emission free lawn company in Missouri

That's right, we are the first emission free lawn mowing company in Missouri. Thomas Gounley of the Springfield News-Leader explains how we at GreenTech have implemented our emission free business model to have a positive environmental impact. Barbara Lucks from the Sustainability Department of Springfield agrees that gas powered lawn mowing has a negative impact.

417 Biz Magazine - November 2016

417 Biz Magazine - November 2016


Protecting nature and Profits

It's important to understand the consequences of our actions when it comes to Mother Earth. There is 197,640,000,000 pounds of CO2 released into the air from mowing every year. Also, 17 million gallons of gas are spilled yearly from filling up lawn mowers. In addition to emission free mowing, we offer organic fertilization programs to protect Springfield families from the the harmful effects of traditional chemical fertilizers