Why GreenTech Lawn Care?

Because you deserve a healthier yard, family, and community. At GreenTech Lawn Care, it is our mission to be the most reliable, highest quality, and eco-friendly lawn care provider in the Springfield & St. Louis, MO areas. That's why we are the first lawn care service in Missouri to utilize solar powered lawn equipment and organic fertilization services

Who we are

We are Missouri Natives who want to ensure our communities are cared for. We take care of  your yards in the most eco-friendly and responsible way we can, making us one of the best lawn care companies in Springfield & St. Louis, MO. Get your free quote today! 

Innovative services

Innovative Services

Our innovative services offer unmatched value in the industry. We use organic fertilizers and half of our equipment is electric and powered by solar energy. Our lawn mowing equipment and fertilizers are also made in the U.S.A. 


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We're passionate about creating a healthy community that supports itself through our Springfield & St. Louis lawn services. A portion of our proceeds goes to support charity. We strive to raise awareness about environmental topics so you can make informed decisions.